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OxyTurbine represents a family of innovative and ecological products in the arena of water or liquid aeration. The primary advantage of this product is a rotating turbine aerator having no internal moving parts. As the turbine rotates beneath the surface, it pushes atmospheric air into the water or liquid after first shearing the air into microscopic bubbles. This revolutionary product falls into the class of aerators known as Self-Aspirating aerators (sometimes referred to as Self-Suction Aerators). The technology employed by OxyTurbine is uniquely suited to the following industries: Industrial Wastewater, Municipal Waste-water, Aquaculture Farms, Horticultural Nurseries, Wineries, Breweries, Farm Wastewater, Marine Animal and Plant Operations, and Frac Water. More details of this state-of-the-art, highly efficient and an Eco-friendly aerator can be viewed at oxyturbine.com.



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